Who We Are

I’m Josh, founder of Resonate Web Leadership, and I started my first digital agency in 1998.

That’s before Facebook, Twitter, even before Google became Google.

Since then, the internet has changed tremendously.

We’ve seen tremendous opportunity open up, our relationship with digital technology completely change, and seen everything get more nuanced and more difficult to get noticed.

And with all the competition, those old salesy gimmicks don’t work anymore.

Just showing up on social media or having a website with they right keywords isn’t enough.

Now we have to build real relationships, and truly understand their journey from total stranger to buyer to successful, raving fan.

Yet, when you do, the opportunities to scale your reach, revenue, and impact have exploded.

And programs, courses, and memberships are becoming a $3.1 billion industry.

With our driving purpose to…

“Get the best of health and personal optimization in the hands of everyone.”

We’re helping health and vitality leaders like you who want to scale their reach, revenue, and impact on the web through what we call The Buyer Journey™ process.

Our passion is health and personal optimization, and getting the expertise you have in the hands of everyone who needs it and could use it to live better lives at 50 than they did at 25.

Where We’re Going

We’ve been around for almost 10 years as Resonate, and we plan to be here for 10 more.

In fact, we’ve been drawn ever increasingly to a single core mission of our own – our 10 year vision of:

We are actively looking for ways to increase the ease and impact of health + vitality leaders so they can have a greater impact in the world.

And you’ll be a part of that greater movement, through direct services as well as education and tools.

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Our Team

Multi-passionate and driven to impact the health and vitality of millions… through people like you.

Josh Parkinson

Founder and Chief Dragonslayer

Online entrepreneur geek, kindle addict, and mountain man living in Seattle, WA, with a passion for health and personal optimization that rivals his passion for entrepreneurship and marketing strategy. A midwest transplant with a creative soul and an insatiable appetite for knowledge and nature.

Favorite book: Essentialism
Favorite non-business topic: Biohacking
Favorite past-time: Traveling and exploring
Favorite physical activity: Tromping up a Mountain
Favorite creative activity: Photography
Favorite question: “Are you doing what you’re uniquely capable of, what you feel you were put on this earth to do?”

Jeanne Stribling

Jeanne Stribling

Client Success

Tea drinking, child rearing post-it note devotee from the bullseye of Illinois. With a vast dedication to effective efficiency, Jeanne is a mean, green (thumb), project machine dedicated to smooth operations and strong client connections. Her love for operations is paralleled only by her love for her family and her faith. Her personal heroes are Joan of Arc, Melanie Hamilton, and Mike Michalowicz.

Marikris Gonzalez

Marikris Gonzalez

The Glue

Lindsay Sánchez

Lindsay Sánchez


Lindsay is a chameleon of style and a world-traveling digital nomad, providing modern but personalized design. She’s committed to staying current with the latest design trends while always keeping one foot planted in timeless foundations, ensuring that all her designs are fresh, yet sustainable. When she’s not glued to her computer you can find her traveling, drinking mate, writing children’s picture books, or recharging her batteries with a siesta.

John Kamau

John Kamau


Abby Wood

Abby Wood


Content strategist Abby Wood was born and bred in Cambridgeshire, England. She’s been reading and writing all-things-web for years and has worked with over 300 companies on their content needs.