Growing Your Programs and Courses with The Buyer Journey™

… Without Being Salesy, Sketchy, or Sleazy!

There is a journey of transformation – a story – every buyer goes through.

It starts the day they realize they have a problem they need to overcome.

It continues through meeting you as their guide, overcoming their doubts and fears, and saying “Yes!” to what you offer.

And it continues through the day they come out the other side of your program or course transformed… and beyond…

Authentic marketing is about not selling the product… but selling that story:

The story of their transformation.

Yes, showing the results of others helps bolster your claims. But what they really care about is THEIR transformation… and if they can actually get those same results.

Because what happens when they fully believe that story can be theirs?

And that story is the perfect fit for them and their needs?

  • They buy with confidence and without regret.
  • They show up and complete the transformation your program provides.
  • They spread the word and keep coming back for more.

It’s not the doo-dad or latest sales gimmick that sells authentically.

It’s seeing their own story of transformation. And supporting them on every single step of that journey so they keep moving forward with confidence. All the way to COMPLETION.

That is the Buyer Journey™.

That is why we don’t call it a sales funnel or a marketing campaign.

It’s not a bunch cheesy sales tactics cramming “prospects” through a meat grinder that leaves you feeling a little dirty. And it doesn’t end just with the sale.

It’s a deep understanding of their story and presenting a new opportunity that changes everything for them.

That only you can provide.

Leading to the sale, the transformation, and becoming your greatest advocate.

That’s why you’re here, right?

From Stranger to Raving Fan on
The Buyer Journey™

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The Buyer Journey™ Process, Step by Step

The Hero Appears

Reach + Inspire Phase

Every journey starts with the hero – who is your future buyer.

She enters the story with a problem she can no longer ignore, the frustration of not being able to solve it, and often a history of failed attempts.

(The core of any compelling, motivating story)

And on the other side of that problem, a set of deep desires and internal needs driving her forward.

But with no success.

Then she meets a source of inspiration that she can finally change things. It’s you… helping her see what has been holding her back, and why it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

She’s skeptical at first, as everyone is.

But you understand her troubles so deeply, she feels the connection and understanding you have with her.

And the pain and desire you appeal to is so strong they can no longer ignore it by just binging the next season of Game of Thrones.

So she opens up to the possibility that you may be the one who can finally help her.

The Journey Begins

Sales + Engage Phase

Now the journey begins.

With you as her guide and source of inspiration, she starts to feel there’s hope.

More specifically, she believes there’s a new opportunity that she never had before. And this new opportunity shows her the reason all her past attempts have failed.

This new opportunity is a guiding light as you lead her towards a new path:

Your program, course, or membership.

It lights an irresistible path to transformation.

Like any good guide, you are preparing her for the choice she has to make:

A resounding “Yes!” or a defeated “No.”

Her fate hangs in that gap of indecision.

You help her overcome her doubts and fears and shift the false beliefs holding her back. Until she fully realizes the true value of this opportunity, and what it really means to her.

And when she’s ready, you call her to action!

She now says “Yes!” and the adventure begins as she starts your program or course…

On the Adventure

Transformation Phase

Now she’s fully on the adventure.

She’s going through your program, course, or membership fully.

But on any adventure, there are challenges.

Your work as her guide is not over.

There are internal challenges within herself. External challenges coming from the world around her. Obstacles in her life and mind that threaten to stop her journey cold.

Including things as simple as distraction and losing motivation.

So in come allies.

These are helpful tools right when she needs them, support and guidance, and the motivation to keep going. With the right help, she overcomes all her challenges and her own desire to give up.

And she comes out the other side wowed and transformed.

Wowed and Transformed

Sustain + Spread Phase

When she gets out the other side, she’s not the same person.

It’s time to celebrate, reflect, and return home with everything she gained on this journey.

Applying it her day to day life instead of letting it slip away.

It’s so easy to just revert back to our old selves as soon as we leave the adventure. Back home with our familiar old life, same old routines, and surrounded by the same people.

But when she returns transformed and takes it into her normal life, it’s not just her who benefits.

As she journeys further in her life, she shares her stories and spreads them. She shows others and inspires them.

She comes back for more, with new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

And brings others with her!

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