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West Seattle Mortgage Sign Designs

West Seattle Mortgage needed their customers to be able to find them in the building, which was creating comments about not being able to find their office!  We developed a series of window signs from the second story outside office windows to the stairway entrance to the office doorside window, all directing clients to their office.  We used a visual beacon to consistently identify to their clients exactly who these signs are for, and guiding them.

The simple house shape was clearly visible in all signs even from a distance when nothing else was legible.  It was also consistent right up to the door, so there was no ambiguity.  As long as they kept watch for the beacon, they would find it.

Nonetheless, we included further text and infographics in the signs to guide and inform.  For example, we used an infographic in the stairway door sign to signal to clients, “Use this door,” and that the office is up the stairs.

In the process, we developed a revised identity and style for West Seattle Mortgage that is both professional and welcoming and positive.  We revised the logo to improve the quality of the house shape, including creating a negative space side formed in conjunction with careful placement and sizing of the name.  It in turn also created an upward arrow in that negative space, creating a subliminal positive message that ultimately the market will continue back up.