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The Ndoto Project Brochure

The Ndoto Project needed a brochure to communicate their non-profit’s goal to educate and empower young Africans to be leaders of change in their communities and country. Starting with five initial students, we wanted to highlight those specific young Africans and connect the audience directly to the recipient of their support. We then strung through the story of The Ndoto Project itself in combination with directing the audience to the stories of the students, and how they can be part of it. Through funding the Ndoto Project, you fund the stories of these students and the stories of social change they will build.

The design imagery combines with the message of the students as agents of change, affecting Africa in ways far more than their immediate actions. The effect they have will ripple throughout the country, just as the ripples move through the imagery, thanks to the efforts of the Ndoto Project to empower them with the skills to become leaders of change.

The Ndoto elephant added a whimsical element, providing a way for the recipients of the brochure to keep that dream with them. On the back panel is a full cutout Ndoto elephant with directions to make it freestanding, allowing the little elephant to be placed anywhere. This decorative element encourages interaction and can be continuous reminder and advertisement for The Ndoto Project and their mission.

And sometimes the details can be so important, and one such detail is the little elephant incorporated into the cutout lines of the donation form. The donation form itself prompts the user to become physically involved and proactively donate. The strategy of the copy ensures a positive message the audience will want to internalize, with the large “Yes!” combined with a message of personally empowering these students to be change in their country.