Natural Medicine of Seattle mobile responsive web design and blog design

The Boar’s Nest Restaurant Website

The Boars Nest opened in Seattle and needed a web design that reflected it’s home in Ballard, Seattle. An authentic Southern style BBQ restaurant, they needed to reflect the fun atmosphere they exhibited in their physical Seattle location through their website. We developed a unique navigation experience set on the backdrop of their eclectic restaurant interior. Their logo was used to create an interactive visual experience, and modified it to look like the butcher diagram due to their meet centered menu of BBQ and pulled pork. And we had a little fun with it including an unexpected Easter egg to be found when mousing over the head. We even used the large menu chalkboard in the photo to highlight their long list of authentic regional sauces by replacing the menu with a digitally created list and headline.

We integrated google maps into the website for showing the location both on the home page for quick reference, and on a separate page for the location, due to the location being so important for the small restaurant. A twitter feed is displayed on the home page of the web design to give some changing content and an easy way for the owners to show what is new with the restaurant, from specials to events. Excellent Yelp reviews already posted for the young restaurant were harvested for quotes to let the new fans tell what The Boars Nest offers and is all about in their own words, adding authenticity.

The other pages of the site incorporate another view of the restaurant interior to keep the vision going, and we use older style typography graphics that both appeal to modern viewers while harking to an older time of hand drawn lettering and poster graphics, like the old ads and posters on the walls. And of course, we did so to keep the whole site fun and lively to reflect the fun and lively Southern atmosphere of  The Boars Nest in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.