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S2SF 2011 Fundraiser

S2SF stands for Seattle to San Francisco. S2SF is 1000 miles by bicycle to raise funds for The Ndoto Project. The Ndoto Project provides university education and mentorship for young leaders in Kenya to change their country in appropriate ways themselves. They mentor them to give them the tools for enacting change in their communities and nation.

S2SF will be their flagship fundraiser for years to come. 2011 is their first year, and we helped them with a great identity, branding and tagline, and a beautiful website. Ndoto is Swahili for “dream”, a strong theme of The Ndoto Project. For the S2SF tagline, we went with “Two Wheels, A Million Dreams” to allude to both the long distance travel by two wheels to support Ndoto’s mission, and the many young dreams of an impoverished Kenya they are enabling to come true. The phrase also alludes to the small act of human powered bicycle travel for such an amazing benefit through Ndoto’s work with young Kenyan leaders.

The logo design is bold yet reminiscent of times when hand-crafted quality was paramount. The old font style is strong and beautiful, contrasted by the tall, elegant font of the ’2011′. The stars reference the dream theme along with the night sky of the Ndoto Project logo, along with a powerful symbol for accomplishment and strength. Two bicycle tires form the top icon, with internal graphics depicting iconic symbols of Seattle and San Francisco, and the colors play off the Emerald City of Seattle contrasted with the Golden Gate of San Francisco. The colors are bright and positive, and pop against each other.

The rest of the style grounds the bold colors in the icon by adding rich but earthier browns, creams, and turquoises. The tagline uses an accent font with a personalized and energetic handwritten script.