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Rockford Dance Company Web Design

Based in Illinois in the heart of the Midwest, Rockford Dance Company wanted a greatly improved image on the web that both expressed them and was far more polished and professional. We helped with a high quality web design and customized functions built on a CMS system that would allow them to manage everything in one place. They were previously frustrated with poor design and limited ability to edit or add to their site. We moved them to a better system, and built a whole new vision they and their customers loved.

The site has been met with rave reviews. And those at RDC are thrilled with the brand look that is bringing them to whole new level as a dance company and school. They have continued the brand and style beyond the website and have started revamping the rest of their public image on what we developed for the website.

The class listings are dynamically imported from their class management system Jackrabbit. But the way it appeared wasn’t what they wanted, so we created custom code that took the information and restructured and restyled it into a completely custom listing. We even added a pop-up discription when you mouse over the class title, giving their prospects the additional information they need without making the table too busy. Plus, the staff don’t have to enter the information again into the CMS, it all comes from their class management system, Jackrabbit.

We helped other critical problems, like how to notify people of class closings via a highly visible alert that slides into view only when RDC needs it. We optimized the structure to give higher notice to their performances, while giving easy access to the critical information for class registration and dates. Social media is highly visible to help them build their community, including a feed of their facebook and youtube posts on the homepage.