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RainCity CPA

RainCity CPA, a rising accounting firm in Seattle, needed a professional and distinctive look for their identity. We first developed a logo that encompassed simplicity and uniqueness with a customized font and stately icon. Attention was paid to not turn the rain motif into either a cute or a depressing depiction. We also eschewed the ubiquitous umbrella concept. We stayed with a watery and elegant font, and a similarly elegant icon, with the font almost appearing as if made of water or looking at it through water. The soft edges and roundness hint at this theme, while staying professional and elegantly simple. The blue chosen retains it’s professional and reliable nature while having a hint of warmth and vitality through a slightly greenish tint.

We further fleshed out the greenish tint into the full Identity style to add life and contrast. We chose to look at the rain theme not in the standard depiction of terrible old rain clouds coming in, but in the positive light that the misty rain of the Pacific Northwest brings incredible live and vitality to the landscape in a way few areas do. While rain can be a depressing aspect of Seattle life, the richness of life that it fosters is inspiring and invigorating. So are the gushing rivers and beautiful lakes. Here, rain city is a force of growth and bounty.

We worked with the theme to create a style that is stylish yet stable, bold yet professional, and modern yet organic. The positivity of white space, along with attractive, saturated colors, also helps keep an upbeat and multi-dimensional feel. All the while, a balance is kept between the personal nature of the relationship with clients and the professionalism they exhibit and require.