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RainCity CPA Flyer

RainCity CPA, a member of GBSA (VGay, Bisexual, Straight Alliance) and with a specialty in Registered Domestic Partner tax returns, needing a flyer explaining how the new federal tax laws affect Registered Domestic Parnters (RDP) for an upcoming gay and lesbian wedding expo. We developed a font side that acts as an attention grabbing advertisement, with a large visual element and simple concept, combined with clever use of graphics and phrasing. The wedding cake displays in cursive icing, “You have joined in love.” Below it in the title it then responds, “How do you join your finances?” Large scale and clean graphics pull the viewer in, and give the basics of what the flyer is all about. Meanwhile, the illustration shows immediately who the flyer is targeting in a quickly digestible, visual manner, with a little pop for attraction.

On the reverse we have a the bulk of the information and details further illustrated with infographics. Infographics help the viewer absorb the information without being overwhelmed by text, making it all easier to understand through visual comprehension to complement textual information. Infographics are powerful tools that can explain complex concepts and information, often without even having to read the description. The mind is drawn to graphics, and absorbs it often without thinking, lodging it in the unconscious. Visual explanations and cues also improve retention of the message much more readily, greatly improving understanding, memory, and interest.

We developed infographics based on the theme started on the cake topper, utilizing people iconography that is universally understood, and combining it with the concepts we needed to communicate. As a result, we go back and forth between male and female couples, and even add in details to indicate the wedding theme. We then use these couples in different ways, combined with other infographic elements, to illustrate the different tax implications detailed throughout.