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One Purpose Chiropractic

One Purpose Chiropractic is a growing chiropractic facility with acupuncture and massage services as well. Headed by leading Chiropractor Dr. Lisa Grasman, One Purpose Chiropractic focuses on wellness and a warm, personal atmosphere. She practices with the premise that with proper Chiropractic care, the body is awakened to heal itself.

We worked with the theme already present in the physical location, filled with nature and earth colors, along with many beautiful orchids. The use of orchids in the design builds a connection with their physical location, developing a more visceral bond with their patients and visitors by connecting on a multisensory level in the unconscious. The orchid also mimics the curving nature of her profession, where the proper curve of the spine is a major facet of Chiropractic care.

The imagery in the logo continue that curving nature and hint at the spine itself through the characterization of the flowers along the curving stem. They even seem to take on the shape of vertebrae in the spine. An unexpected departure from medical drawings and lightning bolts of pain, the imagery both creates a unique brand for the practice, and creates a more natural and wellness oriented vision for potential patients. The beauty, softness, and warmth of a natural living flower speaks more strongly to her ultimate goals of whole body wellness, personal connection, and working with the natural processes for better living.

The natural and curving theme continues in the general style in a more abstract way. The curves continue to symbolize the curves of the spine, while the natural, living colors give feelings of warmth, calm, and life. Visual references to pain and distress are purposely avoided to avoid the emotional negativity involved, while emphasizing the visual communication of postive life and wellness movement. One Purpose Chiropractic exists to provide a better life, which is an entirely different message.