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Ideal Feast Nutrition

We worked with Anita Bermann of Ideal Feast Nutrition to develop an identity both unique, luscious, and calm enough for those looking for respite from eating disorders and stressful relationships with food. She envisioned her practice to be largely about helping people find their ideal life through helping them with their relationship with food and their nutrition, yet has a specialization for those with problematic relationships with food. Ultimately, she wants her clients to have optimum nutrition while having a luscious and joyous relationship with food, emphasizing that it doesn’t have to be punishment or anxiety.

We developed a logo and identity around her ideal of that vibrant lusciousness of life in red colors and cherry imagery. The logotype revolves around a custom made typeface we developed for the “Ideal”, which remains professional while exuding a certain juiciness of life. It is both structured and hinting of lusciousness. While the rest of the logotype utilizes conservative type to help tone it all down and be grounded.

The logo’s image includes two cherries with intertwining stems. While the obvious symbolism exists of food, nutrition, and the luscious red fruits, the intertwining pair represents the partnership Anita forms with her clients on their longer term path. It represents that added level of support she provides on the way to a better life and relationship with food.

The stationary and business card play with a hinting of old-fashioned style, where you had more of a relationship in services, while exuding a comforting warmth, even reminiscent of letterpress. The back of the business cards (shown to the r also contain an offer for new customers, and to encourage referrals.