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BioSparx Nutrition Brand Identity

Development of a new brand for BioSparx Bioactive Nutrition products and marketing. Based in Seattle, the new brand and products were developed by the fitness experts at X Gym to develop a product without the nutritional garbage, and with the right nutritional profile, for their own strict recommendations. The resulting product is a high protein, low carb, and all natural set of nutrition products for keeping lean and fit, with many creative uses.

The nutritional profile stokes the metabolic fires of the body to burn fat, not muscle, and give the energy needed for the fitness regimen they have developed. We pulled that concept throughout the brand and packaging with a fiery and edgier design and brand concept that stands out from other products in the industry. We keep consistency with that concept across the brand, and develop many visual infographic cues to quickly communicate it’s uses.

The logo development both was meant to target the warm emotions of hunger and salivation, while having a subtle scientific element in the geometrically derived mandala that hints at metabolic energy at a nuclear and slightly spiritual level. The resulting combination is both eye-catching, fun, and communicates visually what the brand and products are all about. This is carried throughout the design of the product packaging developed for the nutritional products.