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Arceneaux Design and Remodeling Web Design

Arceneaux Design and Remodeling needed an SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and conversion optimized website revision, along with a modern design refresh to show off their high quality and aesthetic. As a company so linked to home aesthetics, the website had to look attractive, professional and modern. It needs to showcase images of their best work, photographed by top quality interior photographers like Leo Santiago at Bella Vista Photography. And it needs to guide visitors to convert to leads, give quick access to the company phone number, and work well for SEO efforts both in general and for local SEO.

The design continues their brand aesthetic, including style influences from their old site for additional continuity. We restructured the site to make the right content easier to access, and easier for indexing by search engines, with each topic and service having it’s own targetable page for search engines. We guide the viewer to connect with Arceneaux Design and Remodel either by phone or a simple web form, without having to go to the contact page. And we reworked their text to communicate their brand as well as get their keywords in without looking like spam for search engines.

We helped with the basics of getting them listed in Google maps and other local directories, along with their images, videos, and information. A Facebook profile was set up, as well as a blog, to introduce their social media presence as they move forward. We continue to be there for them as they need us to continue the work to developing their web presence tailored to their own capabilities and needs.