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ACS Seattle Brochure

ACS Seattle needed a new brochure to communicate their services. We developed one using custom designed iconography to easily and comprehensibly illustrate what they offer as a premiere remodeling and building contractor of Seattle. The iconography used also carries over from our previous sign advertising project with them. The iconography was fleshed out to communicate the many ways one can add to or remodel their home in a simple visual style.

The full size inner portion of the brochure creates a non-segmented experience common to tri-fold brochures. The image is visually rich, incorporating photos of projects and bubbles further telling the viewer about the services offered.

The rest of the design is simple and colorful to go with their identity and keep the space simple and organized for text. A strip of uncovered wall framing shows on top of the panels for both aesthetics and to communicate their occupation in a quick and intuitive manner. The limited use of hand drawn blueprint lettering makes sure it will not overwhelm, but give an excellent accent to the piece. And we included photos of people on both the cover and of Gary, Chief Operations Architect, on the back, giving the audience someone to connect with.