Marketing and Scaling Your Courses, Group Programs, and Service Packages

 Scale up your business and revenue online, and explode your reach and impact, with BUYER JOURNEYS™ designed to attract the right people, sell more of what they need, and ensure buyer success.

ATTRACT the Right People for Your Solution and Your Tribe

It all starts with attracting those who most need and want your solution, and getting them into your audience. Only then can you build the “know, like, and trust” relationship that will turn them into buyers further along the Buyer Journey™.

  • Strategy and Research
  • Digital Ads (i.e. Facebook/Instagram Ads)
  • Buyer Insight Surveys
  • Tribe Attractors (freebies to attract subscribers)
  • Automated Engagement Content and Segmenting
  • Professional Design and Copywriting
  • Tech and Setup

ENGAGE Them and Turn them Into Buyers Dependably and Predictably

You have their attention, but you need to get them over their fears and doubts about your solution and their own ability to succeed… so they can say an emphatic “Yes!” when you ask them to buy. It’s all about the psychology and messaging, and the step-by-step process we take them through on the Buyer Journey™.

  • Strategy and Testing
  • Digital Ads (i.e. Facebook/Instagram Ads)
  • Webinars/Video Series
  • Launches, sales campaigns, and email sequences
  • Sales pages, design, and conversion copywriting
  • Smart Automation
  • Professional Design and Copywriting
  • Tech and Setup

GROW the “Lifetime Value” of Every Person You Enroll

Not everyone buys the first time around. And forgetting about someone after they bought is a complete waste. Long term engagement ensures you’re there when they’re ready to buy, and continues building the relationship. And following up with buyers who complete your programs turn them into raving fans and advocates, keeping them coming back for more and bringing their friends!

  • Strategy and Optimization
  • Long Term Email Engagement
  • Up-sells, Cross-sells, and Referral Programs
  • Encouraging Returning Buyers
  • Re-Engagement Sequences
  • Professional Design and Copywriting
  • Continuing to Test and Optimize all Parts of the Buyer Journey™

Ready to get started creating a Buyer Journey™ of your own?